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VEOTEX has vast expertise in implementing both commercial and dedicated systems, as well as know-how regarding owned video surveillance system. Analog, Analytical IP CCTV and OCR projects are among the main success stories of the company. Clients including, but not limited to OI, CONTAX, Department of Public Safety of the States of Amazonas (AM), Ceará (CE) and Roraima (RR), and CEAGESP, have their systems implemented and designed by VEOTEX.


Behind the implementation of one of the largest access control systems in the Country, comprising 750 buildings distributed across all 26 States and the Federal District, VEOTEX is one among the few Brazilian companies that have delivered this type of service. We also relied on the direct and constant participation of our Research and Development Department to integrate the client's legacy hardware and add new functionality through third-party software. All this integration was performed by our internal staff, which created an exclusive system for our client.


VEOTEX has implemented surveillance, control and situation rooms for several public and private clients. Alarm monitoring, access control, video surveillance, vehicle monitoring and integrated system rooms. The projects are designed in line with the reality of the existing facilities; however, we take into account all available technology in order to optimize the work to be performed.


VEOTEX was pioneering in the way that it developed a surveillance system for driver's license exams in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and it also implemented the first vehicle monitoring systems for police forces. VEOTEX's R&D was created with a view to develop smart systems and seek to solve several problems involving the systems in which the company has vast expertise. Integrating existing systems to new systems and developing dedicated or tailor-made solutions are among the main services provided by VEOTEX.