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We are a company specialized in providing integrated electronic surveillance, alarm, access control, control room and smart system solutions created from the union of technical knowledge, creative capacity and opportunity identification. One of the company's great advantages is its research and development department, which has been the heart of the company since it was founded, and besides developing owned solutions for its integrated surveillance video systems, R&D also performs integration with third-party systems, creating tailor-made solutions for the projects it carries out.

With operations in more than 350 Brazilian municipalities, we have offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza, serving clients across the national territory, and we rely on our capacity to meet our clients' needs anywhere as a competitive advantage. Despite all challenges the Brazilian market has been facing, VEOTEX is still moving on strongly and all of its services and projects continue to be carried out as planned. Later in 2015, the company's shareholders' structure was changed, turning the organization into an even stronger entity. Speed, technology and quality are the metrics that guide our projects.